Apply for Tattoo Removal

We offer these ways to schedule an appointment for tattoo removal:

  1. Send an email to:
  2. Call or SMS: +1.512.938.9980
  3. Write to us at this address:
    Central Texas Tattoo Removal Project
    PO Box 300312
    Austin, Texas 78703

Someone from our staff will then contact you in a few days to schedule an appointment.

If we schedule you for an appointment, please make all efforts to arrive on time. Should you be unable to hold the scheduled appointment, contact us beforehand - otherwise you go back to the bottom of the list.

In order to provide services within the time frame allowed, certain criteria and conditions must be met. Each applicant must be willing to adhere to these requirements and understand the limits of the project.

  • An applicant must commit to 6 to 12 months of after-care per tattoo.
  • An applicant will be responsible for the purchase of all after-care supplies needed for the wound site, i.e.: gauze, antibiotic ointment, bandages, etc., as instructed by the medical staff.
  • The number and size of the tattoos to be removed during one session are at the discretion of the attending physician. (Tattoos that encircle an entire arm or leg cannot be removed).
  • All tattoos will be evaluated before the application of local anesthetic to determine which tattoos will be removed during the session.
  • Any applicant arriving late may stay and be worked in later, if time and space allow.
  • The Central Texas Tattoo Removal Project cannot be held responsible for equipment failures or incidents that may prolong the removal of a tattoo. Therefore, tattoos can only be removed in the allotted time scheduled for that particular day. If at any time we are unable to continue for any reason, all remaining applicants may return at the next session and all efforts will be made to place them in the first available slots.
  • Due to a shortage of space, please limit the number of guests arriving with you (a guardian in the case of a minor applicant).
  • No small children will be allowed in the treatment rooms.
  • Please bring $60 cash to the removal session if the applicant is over 18 years of age.
  • It is very important that the applicant have a good night's rest and eat breakfast prior to the treatment.

Prior to the removal of any tattoo, the applicant should have read, understood, and agreed to the above information.